Folly Beach prepares for possible impact from Arthur

Tracking Arthur: Folly Beach prepares
Published: Jul. 2, 2014 at 10:08 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 2, 2014 at 11:01 PM EDT
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FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Forecasters expect dangerous riptides and big waves at Carolina beaches, especially Folly Beach, a potentially bad combination with tens of thousands expected to visit for the Fourth of July weekend. But most people don't seem all that concerned.

"We looked at it briefly this afternoon and if we have to make other arrangements then we'll do so," Doug Seacrest, who is visiting from Ohio, said.

The was the general opinion from visitors at Folly Beach today.

"We're of course wanting a good 4th but if it rains us out we'll just stay in the house," said Hunter Whirley, who is visiting from Virginia.

Most seem to be taking a wait and see approach.

"We'll watch the news and if they recommend that we bug out, we'll bug out. We've had to do that before," Pete Contay of North Carolina said.  "If it's just raining, we'll hang it out and see the vacation through."

While the storm means bigger waves most tourists say they're putting safety first.

"I think I'd like to see the bigger waves, but I do have a two-year-old so it might change our plans a little bit," Florida resident Gaius Holladay said.

"We'll try to stay out of the dangerous surf," Contay said. "That's for stronger swimmers than most of us."

There was one thing everyone agreed on: if it comes, it comes.

"If it comes, that's the way it is. There's not much you can do about it and we'll just enjoy it from the house," Contay said.

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