James Island man brutally beaten, robbed while walking home

James Island man brutally beaten, robbed while walking home
Published: Jul. 15, 2014 at 8:05 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 16, 2014 at 3:39 AM EDT
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JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Investigators with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office say a man was brutally beaten and robbed while he was walking to his home on James Island.

On the early morning hours of July 8, a deputy responded to a home on Teal Avenue in reference to a strong armed robbery.

Authorities met with the victim, 22-year-old Adam Noisette, who police say was bleeding "profusely" from his head. The responding deputy said the victim's face was also covered with lacerations and blood, and his arm appeared to be discolored.

Noisette said he was walking home on Teal Avenue when he noticed two men who were following closely behind him. According to the victim, he was in eyesight of his home, but was stopped by the suspects on the roadway.

Noisette reported that the suspects then demanded that he give them his money.

A sheriff's office report states Noisette said he did not have any money, and as he attempted to keep walking, he was struck in the back of the head with an unknown object.

"I heard shuffling. As I looked behind me, the guy hit me in the back of the head."

Noisette says he was then struck multiple times with sticks, and beaten in the face, head and arms. Authorities say the suspects rummaged through Noisette's pockets and stole his wallet.

Noisette said he played dead so that the assault would stop. He said he then struggled to make his way home after the suspects left him.

"They were trying to hurt me as much as possible, and when they saw I might have been dead, they were like ok. I don't think it scared them. I think they were just like alright."

In addition to the apparent injuries the deputy observed, Noisette said his arm was hurting and believed it to be broken.

The victim was transported to MUSC.

A deputy and a Charleston police officer said they were able to locate the crime scene where they found a "large amount" of blood in the roadway, a phone case, headphone speakers, a broken glass bottle and a lighter. In addition, authorities found two wooden posts that had blood on them.

The responding deputy reported that he suspected that the victim was struck by a bottle due to the broken glass.

The victim told the sheriff's office that it was hard to see specific features regarding the suspects, but described them as two black males with one wearing a white shirt, and the other a black shirt.

"I was horrified!" said Billy Noisette, the victim's father."I just couldn't believe somebody could do that because I think they left him for dead."

"I can't fathom how a human with any, any emotion and any kind of conscience could do something like that to another person," said Anne Noisette.

If you have any information you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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