Cops: Cook attempts to stab nurse with knife following argument over sandwich

Cops: Cook attempts to stab nurse with knife following argument over sandwich

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - A 61-year-old cook is behind bars after police say he attempted to stab a nurse with a kitchen knife following an argument over a fish sandwich at a Johns Island rehab center.

The Charleston Police Department charged Loren Spencer Odonnell of Hollywood, SC with second-degree assault and battery by mob.

On Sunday afternoon, a police officer responded to the Harvest Health and Rehab center on 3647 Maybank Hwy in reference to a person being threatened with a weapon.

The victim, a 45-year-old male nurse, said a cook at the center pulled a knife on him and threatened to stab him in the chest.

The victim said it all started when he went to the kitchen to request a fish sandwich for a patient.

According to the victim, an argument began and escalated when Odonnell pushed the victim in the chest with two hands. When the victim told Odonnell to keep his hands off him, police say Odonnell ran across the kitchen and grabbed a large kitchen knife.

The victim told investigators that Odonnell then ran to the victim and said,"I will stab you in your chest."

According to the victim, Odonnell lunged at him with the knife, but he was able to place a cart carrying utensils between them to avoid being struck.

The victim said he was in fear for his safety, and left the area.

Another co-worker told police that both men had been arguing over a fish sandwich, and Odonnell had ran across the kitchen, grabbed a knife and ran towards the victim.

The co-worker reported that when Odonnell was close to the victim he starting "poking" at the victim with the knife.

Odonnell told police he had been in an argument with the victim and that he did put his hands on the victim in an attempt to get him to leave the kitchen.

According to Odonnell, when the victim would not leave, Odonnell grabbed a knife in an attempt to scare him out of the area. O'Donnell denied making any statements about stabbing the victim, or attempting to stab him.

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