Lowcountry protesters standing for lives lost in Palestine

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A conflict thousands of miles away took center stage in Downtown Charleston Saturday afternoon.

For the second-straight week, Pro-Palestinian protesters rallied at the intersection of Meeting and Ann Street downtown.  Unlike the week before, Saturday, protesters were joined by forces ready to defend Israel.

"We needed to be here, and we assembled quickly," said Kathleen Cox, who's husband is currently in Israel as part of a humanitarian effort.

Since fighting between Israel and Hamas began July 8th, more than 1600 Palestinians have been killed, with over 60 Israeli victims.

Frustration among protesters erupted on the Charleston intersection Saturday, with drivers greeted by flags, hand-written signs, and passionate cries to end the violence along the Gaza strip.

"Israel is using their weapons to protect their people, Hamas is using their people to protect their weapons," Cox said.

Cox, just one of nearly a hundred people demanding the truth be told.

David Matos, who traveled from Aiken, SC to attend the protest, said the number of fatalities among Palestinian civilians tells a different story.

"We really think this isn't self defense, and we really think this is unnecessary," he said.

Much like the conflict overseas, neither side came to an agreement on who's to blame. However, both acknowledged a desire to see the violence come to an end.

"I think that's really the center of the problem," Matos said.  "We need a political solution."

"We need the violence to stop."

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