Carriage companies keep watchful eye on horses as temps climb

Carriage companies keep watchful eye on horses as temps climb

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - As temperatures climbed to the mid-to-high 90s, Old South Carriage Company closed for about 30 minutes Friday as a safety precaution.

"They look like they've been well-cared for."

"We're all real serious about what we do, so we take real good care of our horses and mules."

The owner of Charleston Carriage Works, Broderick Christoff, says if the temperature is 98 degrees in two separate readings, the city demands the operators stop tours until the temperature drops below 98. He says his company monitors every horse's temperature regularly. Their normal body temperature is 100 degrees.

"We check their temperature after every single tour. We can always tell when the temperature, the ambient temperature is coming up because we see their temperatures rise just a little bit, takes us a little longer to cool them down."

Tourists say their guides were closely monitoring their horses Friday as they made their way around the city. They say they wouldn't have minded if the tour was canceled.

"Our tour guide was very concerned about the temperature, so she gave us a heads up if the temperature was at a certain degree we couldn't do the carriage rides. So, the horse's safety appeared to be paramount.

"The owners, they know how to take care of their horses, and if they want to say that their horse is not capable of doing it, I think that's a good idea."