Bars see increase in business as many drop cable

Published: Aug. 29, 2014 at 1:57 AM EDT
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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - This college football season, bars could be seeing more business than ever thanks to a new trend.

More and more people are getting rid of cable with the availability of online television.

"I don't have cable at all," Amanda Sordeleta, a South Carolina Gamecocks fan said. "I run strictly off of Netflix and Hulu. It was too much money and honestly, there's only one channel I actually watch."

Thursday night marked the beginning of the SEC football season. The SEC Network hosted South Carolina's game against Texas A&M, but many people who don't pay extra for the channel will have to go to bars to watch it.

"It makes it difficult for us, but it gets to where they're just trying to get you to spend more money and you have no choice but to either order the package or come out here and spend the money to watch it in a different atmosphere," Jeremy Brownlee, a college football fan said.

Bars are already noticing an increase in business.

"We think it's going to get bigger over time," Nicholas Ratchford, a manager at Wild Wing Cafe said. "Of course, you have to let the population catch up to the technology. We intend to get busier and we look forward to it."

It's a trend that's spreading to Sordeleta's friends as well.

"I definitely know they watch the same shows I do on Netflix and Hulu," Sordeleta said. "Being able to binge watch, it just makes it so much more convenient than flipping through and hoping something good is on."