Governor Haley hopes her record in office is enough for re-election

VIDEO: Gov. Haley hopes her record in office is enough for re-election

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - Governor Nikki Haley has finally gone on the offensive against democratic challenger, Vincent Sheheen. Her campaign launched a new ad accusing the Senator of being silent when the National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against opening the Boeing plant in North Charleston. It's a shift in tone for a campaign that had been all about Haley and not her challengers.

"It's never been about what I've said, it's always been about what I've done," says Governor Haley. "If you look at the last 3 1/2 years, the results speak for themselves."

Governor Haley made history in 2010, becoming the first woman elected to South Carolina's highest post. Now she's hoping her own history in office is enough to warrant a second term.

Haley says the "results speak for themselves: 11.1% unemployment to 5.7%, fastest growing economy on the east coast, tort reform, pension reform, everything we've done with our education plan and how we've moved schools forward. So much of what I have done is been about results."

The Governor continues to focus her campaign on what she's done and continues to do for the people of South Carolina. She's also looking ahead to a second term, and where she wants the state to go.

"We want to continue pushing that pro-business environment, especially making sure our small businesses are feeling it in their cash flow and in their profit margin," Haley explains. "We want to make sure workforce training is taken to a whole new level. We want to continue to work on education reform so we are insuring it's our children who are getting these great jobs and not someone else."

Her democrat challenger, Senator Vincent Sheheen continues to release new ads challenging other areas of Haley's record. His ads push for answers to the Department of Revenue hacking in the fall of 2012 and the failures of the Department of Social Services; both agencies under Haley.

The Governor shrugs off the attacks, saying "South Carolina politics is brutal and I don't take anything for granted. We're going to continue to spread our message. We're going to continue to fight to do our job in a way that we're proud of it., and we're not going to focus on the opponents. We're going to continue to focus on South Carolina., the people who live here, and the improvements we're making in the state."

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