911 Audio: Residents take cover, report gunfire in deadly West Ashley shooting

911: Residents take cover, report gunfire in deadly West Ashley shooting
Published: Sep. 11, 2014 at 11:17 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 11, 2014 at 11:28 PM EDT
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WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - In newly released 911 tapes, residents in West Ashley can be heard taking cover and reporting gunfire Monday night at an apartment complex where a deputy was fatally shot.

Several people from the Gardens at Ashley River apartment complex on Carriage Lane, as well as nearby residents and business owners called in to 911 to report sounds of a shooting that would take the life of Deputy Joseph Matuskovic and injure Deputy Michael Ackerman.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office says the shooter, 38-year-old Michael Oswald used an AK-47 assault rifle in the incident, and died after being shot from deputies' return fire. 

"I'm hearing gunshots or fireworks, I have no idea what the hell it is," said one resident at the apartment complex to an emergency dispatch official."All I know is it's popping outside and it's really scaring me."

When the dispatch official asks the tenant how many shots she heard, she says,"I mean oh my god it's like at least 10 or more, I just heard a bunch. I'm not positive if they were gunshots or not, I just heard people screaming."

Another resident told 911 officials that he heard gunshots and was in the process of getting down for cover. 

"We're hearing gunshots out in the apartment complex," a man can be heard telling 911 operators."We're trying to duck right now."

A few residents who were closer to the shooting told authorities that they saw "flashes" during the incident, and had bullets impact their apartments. 

"I saw some flashes outside my window, but I got away from the window because I was worried," said one tenant. 

Another nearby tenant reportedly heard bullets from the incident strike her door. 

"I think somebody shot some bullets at my door," said the tenant.

Law enforcement units had evacuated portions of the apartment complex and told nearby residents to stay inside for their own safety. 

"I was just watching TV and then I heard really loud noises," a woman told emergency officials."I think I'm going to hide in my bedroom...please just hurry...it's right outside my door."

A woman who was opening up a nearby restaurant on Ashley River Road also called in after seeing several law enforcement units in the area; authorities would shut down Carriage Lane and Old Towne Road as the nine hour standoff progressed.

The parents of Charleston County Deputy Joe Matuskovic have set up a memorial fund to help support his family.

Anyone wanting to donate money to the fund can do so at South Carolina Federal Credit Union, account number 1356291-00, according to Charlestion Sheriff's Maj. Eric Watson.

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