Reckless shoots scenes at WCSC studios

Reckless shoots scenes for show at WCSC studios

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - WCSC already produces seven and a half hours of local newscasts each day, but the station recently made its debut on national television.

Several scenes of the CBS show Reckless were filmed at WCSC's West Ashley studios last fall. Production crews transformed part of our existing news studio to appear a television talk show.

"This is a real professional television station, so it's a sound stage. We have plenty of space and the height is great. The lighting is great," Executive Producer Ian Sander said. "To replicate where all the lights are, for example, in a television station, we'd be doing a lot of work to do that."

During the one-day shoot, crews would set up a scene for about 40 minutes, before the actors would enter. Usually, about six takes of a scene were recorded.

"We shoot a television episode in eight days - so if you do the math, we'll spend a full day shooting and probably end up with five minutes," Sander said.

The two-hour Reckless season finale airs on Saturday, September 13th at 8pm on CBS.

CBS has not released details about a possible second season.

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