Hundreds upset over North Charleston rezoning request

Hundreds upset over North Charleston rezoning request

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Hundreds in North Charleston are upset with a construction company's request for rezoning.

Banks Construction on Banco Road has been making asphalt and concrete in North Charleston for decades but its growth on its current property has made it a "non-conforming use". That means that the work it's doing on its site isn't what it's zoned for.

To fix that problem, the company is asking to be rezoned from Light Industrial to Heavy Industrial and Planned Development. The proposal was read at Thursday night's council meeting for the first time.

"This is not an industrial zoned area and to pick out one little parcel of land to allow them to do that just frightens us," Richard Brewer, who's lived at the neighboring Lake Palmetto Town Homes said.

The town homes were built after the construction company, but Brewer says they weren't concerned because they knew the zoning would keep the company from being too big of an issue for the community.

"We have nothing against the construction company that has been here for all of these years, but the zoning status when we bought here does not allow Bank to grow as it has grown," Brewer said.

To satisfy the neighborhood, North Charleston City Council is considering building a 40-foot sound wall next to the property that would cost around $300,000 paid for using Banks's property taxes. Some residents are concerned that still won't stop the noise, dust, and possible health issues.

"At least do a little bit of a study and have the proper engineers so that it's not just politicians and residents saying whether a sound wall will work or not," Brewer said.

Brewer says council members have told him the real zoning issue was allowing the town homes to be built next to a construction company.

"They have said to us that they made a mistake in the zoning years ago and we just don't want them to make a bigger mistake now."

Next, the issue will go to the Public Safety Committee which will vote next Thursday. That meeting is open to the public.

Banks Construction Company declined to comment on this story.

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