Senator Sheheen hopes for a different outcome in 2014

VIDEO: Senator Vincent Sheheen hopes for a different outcome in 2014
Published: Sep. 17, 2014 at 3:57 PM EDT|Updated: Sep. 17, 2014 at 4:07 PM EDT
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Camden, SC (WCSC) - Senator Vincent Sheheen is hoping voters have changed their mind about him and his opponent when it comes to the Governor's race in South Carolina.

"The question for South Carolina is: do we keep doing the same thing?" Sheeheen asks. "Do we keep having a governor who hides things?"

Sheheen is back for another run at the state's top office. Born and raised in the Palmetto state, the Senator from Camden says he believes the state deserves better than another four years under Governor Haley.

"What we need more than anything is to have a governor who is accountable and honest with the people of South Carolina, and can make our government work again, because it is profoundly broken," says Sheheen.

The most recent Public Policy polling shows the Senator trailing by five points. He lost by 4.5 in 2010. The Senator believes, if voters in South Carolina were truly happy, the gap would be much wider.

He says "I think the reason it's so close right now is because people are ready for change"

On the campaign trail and in his ads, Senator Sheheen continues to hammer away at Governor Haley's integrity and accountability. While Governor Haley is touting her record in office, the Senator says her record is the best reason to vote her out.

"You have a governor who vetoed public education funding, who vetoed teacher pay raises while she was raising her salary for staff," according to Sheheen. He goes on to say, "You have a governor who has abused the state airplane and was forced to repay money because she was using our state airplane for political purposes."

As for his own record, Senator Sheheen says "You have a candidate, myself, who has supported public education, who voted to increase teacher pay to make sure those dollars went into the classroom."

He also talked about his plans to rebuild roads and bridges around the state.

"We need to make sure we fix the existing roadways first before we spend money on other roads. I our plan we dedicate 85% of our existing money toward existing roads and make sure we have accountability in the agency. I talk about how we can use surplus revenue every year to build up what we need to fund our roads. Then I talk about other sources of revenue that can help improve I-26, improve I-95, help rebuild those rural roads and ease congestion."

Senator Sheheen hopes voters are ready for a change in South Carolina, and hopes that's enough to close the gap.

"If we stick to a positive message of improving South Carolina, saying that we can have honest leadership and accountability, then voters have a choice and an opportunity to change the state."

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