Fetter Health Care Network expands, adds more staff in Berkeley Co.

Fetter Health Care Network expands; adds more staff in Berkeley County

CROSS, SC (WCSC) - A small town with dirt roads in Berkeley County is now celebrating a major upgrade to their health care.

People of all ages can now be seen at the Elijah Wright Health Center in Cross. It's part of the Fetter Health Care Network.

The staff is hoping the expansion will draw in more people.

"In 2009, I had a brain aneurysm," said patient Lillie Whitten.

It was a scary situation for Whitten.

"I am a two time cancer survivor. I had chemo and radiation," said Whitten.

She gets around with the help of a cane. Her doctor says it's something she shouldn't be able to do; or better yet, he says it's a miracle she's alive.

"She has been with us over the past 15 years now," said Dr. Adebola Rojugbokan.

That's half the time the center in Cross has been serving the community.

Whitten said, "My entire family uses the center."

The health care facility got a new building a little more than a month ago, because it was a much needed upgrade.

You can't say the same about the old center with pot holes in the parking lot.

"It was small, real small, cramped," said Whitten.

The building only had two rooms.

Whitten said, "Patients sat in the car until it was time for them to be seen because the waiting room was so limited."

That isn't the case anymore. Whitten says the new center is beautiful; it has nine exam rooms. Kids are now able to be patients.

"Elementary school children, teenagers, adults all the way up to end of life care," said Anthony Poole.

Poole, a physician's assistant who can do most everything a doctor can do, is a recent addition to the staff.

"This is my fourth week," said Poole.

He says he feels a calling to give back in a small town like Cross.

"Growing up in a very poor, rural community, I've seen some of the challenges that come with the lack of access to health care," said Poole.

Cross has an estimated household income of just over $35,000.

Whitten said, "We are on a lower scale as far as economics are concerned."

Whitten says the Fetter Center works to provide affordable health care to the community. She's hoping her neighbors will use the center like she has, and encourage others.

Whitten said, "It appears that once one person goes to the doctor and they are satisfied, then the entire family ends up at that particular doctor."

The Fetter Health Care Network has eight centers throughout Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester and Colleton counties.

They will add their ninth early next year at the Old Naval Hospital in the Chicora community of North Charleston.

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