Wrongful death trial in Cottageville mayor's death continues

Wrongful death trial in Cottageville mayor's death continues

COTTAGEVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The second day in the wrongful death trial brought by the family of the former mayor of Cottageville began on Thursday.

The trial is happening in federal court in downtown Charleston.

The ex-mayor, Bert Reeves, was shot and killed by then Cottageville Police Officer Randy Price during a confrontation. The suit claims Reeves was targeted by Price.

According to the suit, Reeves was targeted because he made it known that he got complaints from residents about Officer Price's aggressive behavior.

Reeves died from a gunshot wound to the chest during the struggle with Price in May of 2011.

Reeves' children filed suit the following year against Price, the Town of Cottageville and the police department.

The family claims the officer showed reckless behavior during the fight and shooting.

The suit says that it was inexcusable for the town to hire an officer with a tarnished badge to work for the department.

Price's work history includes multiple firings, allegations of misconduct and claims of brutality.

The suit is asking for actual and punitive damages, but no specific dollar amount.

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