Live 5 Investigates: Security check at kid friendly businesses

Published: Oct. 15, 2014 at 8:15 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 15, 2014 at 11:27 PM EDT
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It's likely that no one who was inside Chuck E. Cheese's Saturday night ever thought about their safety.

That is until police say Thailando King allegedly pulled out a gun and shot two men after an argument inside the West Ashley restaurant.

It's something the judge who held King's bond hearing didn't take lightly.

"And the fact there was total disregard for children, children were present, which exacerbates the situation," Judge Linda Lombard told King's attorney.

We wanted to find out what Chuck E Cheese's and similar businesses are doing to keep you and you family safe in the wake of Saturday's shooting.

We went to some of them to find out, starting with the same Chuck E. Cheese's where the shooting happened.

I went inside for a first hand look.

I saw lots of surveillance cameras and a video monitor.

There was an employee at the front who had to open a roped off area to let me go through.

I also went to Monkey Joe's in North Charleston.

Monkey Joe's has jump castles and other kid friendly things to do inside.

I saw lots of security cameras, and an employee at a counter at the front who monitors who comes and goes.

A spokesman for Monkey Joe's told me there are 18 such cameras inside and out.

I'm told the business's front windows are shatterproof.

I also went to Frankie's Fun Park in North Charleston to check on their security measures.

They have cameras inside and outside.

A manager told me they have police officers throughout the park on weekends.

I also checked out security at two bowling alleys.

At Sandpiper Lanes in North Charleston, I saw security cameras inside the business.

I was told officers are inside the bowling alley on weekends.

I also checked out Ashley Lanes West of the Ashley.

They also had security cameras and the man in charge said they also have officers on duty weekends and on Mondays.

Does Chuck E Cheese's plan any new security measures after the shooting?

If so, they aren't telling us.

Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen is offering to help Chuck E Cheese work on safety and security.

A police spokesman told us it is in the planning stages.

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