Local Sec. of State candidate hoping to break opponent's 12 year record

Local Sec. of State candidate hoping to break opponent's 12 year record

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Democrat Ginny Deerin is up against incumbent Mark Hammond for South Carolina's Secretary of State. He's held the position for 12 years.

Monday Ginny Deerin and her daughter made their way through Charleston County one beat at a time.

"I decided, well I'll try to make it to 140 polling places around Charleston County, standing on my stumpbox while they play the song 'Homegrown Honey.'"

Deerin has worked at MUSC and is the founder of a non-profit called Wings for Kids. She is hoping to be South Carolina's next Secretary of State.

Deerin said, "It's paperwork, it's basically takes in applications and fees from businesses and non-profits."

The first time candidate is running against Mark Hammond. He's in his third term as Secretary of State. Deerin says two things make her different from her opponent.

"I want to cut fees, cut regulations and cut the budget of the office, and turn it from a bloated bureaucracy into an efficient machine that has mostly online transactions," said Deerin.

Deerin has been very vocal on her views of Hammond.

"He also only works a couple days a week. So as Secretary of State, first of all, i'd move to where the jobs is and i'd be on the job," said Deerin.

Secretary Hammond's Chief of Staff, Melissa Dunlap said, "Deerin has been giving inaccurate information from the beginning, telling one lie after another."

Dunlap says Secretary Hammond works more than two days and often times he's traveling on office business.

Secretary Hammond was at his father's funeral Monday, and wasn't available to speak.

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