AP: Nikki Haley wins a second term as SC governor

AP: Nikki Haley wins a second term as SC governor

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) - South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has handily beat Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen to win a second term.

The 42-year-old daughter of Indian immigrants needed a convincing victory to further boost her image nationally. South Carolina's first minority and first female governor already is a familiar figure on the national stage.

Roughly half of the $8 million raised by her campaign came from out-of-state donors.

Haley was declared the winner based on projections from exit poll data that suggests the Republican will win by a wider margin than 2010, when just 4.5 percentage points separated her from Sheheen.

Sheheen never gained the traction necessary in the rematch to close the gap, despite hammering Haley on her first-term blunders.

Haley won over voters by successfully branding herself as the "jobs governor."

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