Bank robber pleads guilty, gets 30 years in prison

Bank robber pleads guilty, gets 30 years in prison

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A man who helped rob a North Charleston bank is on his way to prison for 30 years.

Ronald Lance, 28, pleaded guilty Wednesday to robbing the SunTrust Bank on Dorchester Road in July, 2013.

Dorchester County Prosecutors say Lance was one of three men involved in the heist.

Tyrone Darius Ellison, who had a 2007 conviction for assault and battery with intent to kill, was found guilty in October of armed robbery and entering a bank with intent to steal. Ellison was sentenced pursuant to South Carolina's two-strike law to life without parole on the armed robbery charge and a concurrent 30 years on entering the bank with intent to steal.

All three were caught after a chase that ended in the Givhans community when the suspects' vehicle crashed into another car, injuring a couple inside. North Charleston Police tried to stop the suspects' car but they drove off. One of the men was pushed out of the vehicle and arrested.

The accused getaway driver, Nehemiah Coburn, pleaded guilty in July and sentenced to eight years in prison.

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