Police: Loud stereo leads to indecent exposure, drug arrest

Published: Dec. 2, 2014 at 6:59 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 2, 2014 at 7:12 PM EST
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Police in North Charleston arrested a 32-year-old man on several charges after an officer heard loud music blaring from a vehicle.

Kareem Lavar Walker faces charges of possession with intent to distribute MDMA, indecent exposure, resisting arrest, leaving keys in an unattended motor vehicle and noise nuisance, court records state.

According to the incident report, police discovered a vehicle parked outside a Dorchester Road gas station with music containing explicit lyrics "loud enough to hear from anywhere near the property" coming from the vehicle.

Walker initially claimed a woman had driven the car there with her 5-year-old sleeping in the backseat, but had gone inside to use the restroom, the report states. Police say when they pressed Walker for more information about the woman, he changed his story, claming the woman had left the restroom and walked to a nearby bank, then eventually admitted it was his vehicle.

Police asked Walker if he had any illegal items in the vehicle, and the man said he did not and gave police permission to search, the report states.

Police found a black digital scale with white residue on it in the center console, and asked Walker if he used cocaine, but Walker said the white residue was salt, the report states.

Walker claimed he needed to take the boy inside the store to use the bathroom, and police say they made sure he did not discard any contraband in the store. Police say Walker became irate when they would not allow him to buy a juice inside the store, then dropped his pants to mid-thigh, exposing his private areas, took off his shirt and told the officer to "strip him."

Police then placed Walker under arrest for indecent exposure. As police attempted to cuff him, they say he resisted until threatened with a Taser.

Police also found a bag that appeared to contain narcotics inside the gas station on the floor of a storage closet right by the juice cooler, the report states. The bag was found to contain 13 smaller bags of wrappers that contained the rocks for a field weight of 6.8 gross grams that tested positive for MDMA or methamphetamine, the report states.

The report states surveillance video inside the store showed Walker discarding the narcotics in the storage closet.

While en route to jail, Walker admitted to discarding the bag in the store and to attempting to create a diversion outside the store to prevent officers from searching inside the store, the report states.

Police say the child and car were released to the boy's grandmother, the registered owner of the vehicle.

Walker was being held in the Al Cannon Detention Center.

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