North Charleston residents split over new planned gas station

North Charleston residents split over new planned gas station
Published: Dec. 11, 2014 at 10:59 PM EST
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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some people living in the Deer Park area are upset over a Sunoco gas stationed planned for the corner of University Boulevard and Fernwood Drive.

"Do we really need another gas station," asks Beth Evan, the Deer Park Neighborhood Council President.

Right now, there's a car lot where the gas station would be. The are is zoned for B-1, which is for a light business like a fast food restaurant, but to sell gas, they have to change the zoning to B-2, which Evans says isn't recommended for the area.

"Why do we pay with our tax money for a group to come in, and it is their job to consult the city with what would be the best fit planning wise in the next 10 years and go against a major rezoning," Evans said.

The plans was actually proposed a year ago but was rejected by the city's planning commission and public safety committee.

"It was turned down strictly on politics, not on merit," Bobby Jameson, the North Charleston councilman representing the area said.

"It's going to provide a store and easier gasoline rather than going somewhere else," Jameson said. "It's also going to help the City of North Charleston because it's going to put something like $5 million a year in retails sales in the city.

Evans is most concerned about traffic.

"If you are in this area at 8:00 am going to work or in the evening coming back, this is a complete standstill," Evans said. "You add another major business to this area, and it's going to stop it even more."

If Sunoco moves in, the company will pay for a new turn lane at the intersection, which Jameson says will actually help traffic. He says most people he's talked with want the station.

"The majority, a great major are for this development down here on this corner."

Thursday, there's no vote on the plan, but the council will read it for the first time and likely assign it to the public safety committee.

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