Pat O'Neil wins Sullivan's Island mayoral election

Three candidates vying for Sullivan's Island mayoral seat

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Pat O'Neil has won the mayoral election on Sullivan's Island following Tuesday's special election.

O'Neil faced Keith Blandford and Jerry Kaynard. O'Neil received 64% of the vote with 539 votes. Blandford received 31 votes, and Kaynard got 268 votes.

The special election was held following the death of Mike Perkis in October.

O'Neil, a clinical psychologist at MUSC, has been a town council member for years and has lived on the island since 1985. O'Neil said he is concerned about government transparency and the town's infrastructure.

"In the eyes of a lot of people, there's a growing gulf of mistrust between many of the residents and those of us on town council," said O'Neil. "I want to really work hard to try to engage people from all over the island."

O'Neil believes infrastructure repair, replacement and improvement is really important. Particularly, the sewer and the water systems.

"It's not a glamorous part of town government, but as soon as it stops working everybody gets to be focused on it," said O'Neil.

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