Injured kitten left at dumpster; Woman taking to social media to find her owner

Injured kitten left at dumpster; Woman taking to social media to find her owner

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Affectionately named Alice, the five-month old kitten is now at Sandy Cove Veterinary Clinic on the Isle of Palms, slowly warming up to her caretakers after two surgeries.

On Friday, Shannon Deptula-Ingram found her in a completely different state at her apartment complex in Summerville.

"[She] was really frightened. There was no food or water in there. You could tell that [her] tail was bleeding and partially missing."

Ingram says she was in a cage left between two dumpsters. She believes the cat belongs to someone because there was a blanket and toys inside the cage.

"I was just very, very mad, like how could somebody just leave a cat in the trash. You know, throw it out like trash."

Ingram says she quickly brought the cat to her porch and called a friend who put her in touch with a rescue organization. Feline Freedom Coalition brought Alice to veterinarian, Dr. Jonathan Shong, who completed the amputation of her tail Tuesday.

"It could have been from a complete tragedy in their lives and they had no choice," explains Diane Straney, the founder of the Feline Freedom Coalition. "It could have been because they were literally sick and deranged, we really don't know. I don't want to judge the person. I'm just glad that we were here and that we have people who care that she got to us."

Ingram says she knows finding the person who did this will be difficult, but she's hoping someone may recognize Alice or her cage.

"It definitely wasn't one-of-a-kind, but given the fact that it was light blue, not just a regular metal color, I was hoping somebody may recognize it. The cat is also fairly young, and it has distinctive markings on its face."

"If someone did hurt her, I wish we knew who it was so we could file animal abuse charges."

The rescue organization has not filed a complaint with Dorchester County Animal Control. They say they will focus on finding Alice a good home.

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