Parents have mixed reactions to Lowcountry school delays

VIDEO: Parents have mixed reactions to Lowcountry school delays

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Parents in the Lowcountry had mixed emotions about their children heading to school a couple of hours late on Thursday.

"It's not so much an inconvenience. I just want to make sure the kids are safe and get to school on time and they're not freezing to death waiting for the buses," said Joanna Robbs, a resident in Charleston.

It's not a secret that some buses in the Lowcountry have trouble in the cold weather. That's one of the main reasons for school delays Thursday morning. For some parents, that delay is burden on their morning commute.

"They have a two hour delay and because I'm a single parent, I am desperately trying to find a way to get my son to elementary school tomorrow," said Terry Campbell, a resident in Charleston.

"Absolutely it's tough for them. Hopefully, most businesses will allow their mothers and fathers to delay a little bit and get to their jobs a little bit later so their kids can get to school on time," said Robbs.

For the school district's issuing the delays, safety for the students is a number one priority. Here's a statement from Durham School Services:

"When faced with snow and low temperatures certain procedures are followed to ensure the safe operation of our fleet. These include starting the buses two hours before departure and running them for short intervals to ensure they are operating properly. Additives and blended fuel are also used for cold weather conditions and early route buses are kept inside where possible."

"It's good that Charleston County is looking at safety for the children for their morning drive. It's going to be very cold," said Sandy Duke, a resident in Charleston.

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