New company offering free, environmentally-friendly rides

VIDEO: New company offering free, environmentally-friendly rides

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - There's a brand new company providing a ride service, with environmentally friendly cars in downtown Charleston.

The company, called SCOOP, says it hopes to change the way people think about car service and the environment.

John Suddath and Marc McLoud are the creators of SCOOP a brand new car service that operates in downtown Charleston.

"We named it SCOOP because we wanted something quick and memorable, like the service is supposed to be, SCOOP's a word that my friends and I used growing up," Suddath said. "The name has turned out to be a huge hit. We get people when we're driving out yelling SCOOP, so it's worked out really well for branding."

SCOOP is not only new to Charleston, the concept of a car service with an entire fleet of electrically powered cars is a new concept around the U.S. SCOOP is currently the only fully electrical powered car service in the country. Suddath and McLoud are long time friends and said the idea came fairly easily.

"It was an idea I had from seeing electric golf carts in Hilton Head and I brought it to Marcs attention,we went down and wrote it and the rest is history," Suddath said.

The concept to make the vehicles environmentally friendly comes from growing up on the beach and their love for the planet.

"The number one reason is the CO2 (carbon dioxide) being dumped into the air, our cars are fully electric so they produce zero CO2," McLoud said. "Other cars, even the hybrids,the little bit of Co2 dumped into the air affects our environment so we're trying our best to keep Charleston as pristine as possible."

The biggest question concerning a free electrical car service like SCOOP is how do they turn a profit?

While Suddath and McLoud say patrons have been more than generous with their tipping, the company's true source of income comes for advertisers, and soon they'll be wrapping all of their vehicles with their sponsors' logos.

"Our ultimate goal and mission is to get people around charleston safe and at the same time trying to do our part to save the environment," McLoud said.

To try the service in downtown Charleston, call (843) 900-4070. The service operates Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

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