Accused cop impersonator says he's innocent

Published: Jan. 16, 2015 at 1:01 AM EST|Updated: Jan. 16, 2015 at 9:58 PM EST
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Jamelia Logan (Photo Source: Al Cannon Detention Center)
Jamelia Logan (Photo Source: Al Cannon Detention Center)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A man accused of impersonating a police officer told Live 5 News Friday afternoon he is innocent of the charges.

Calvin Logan, 34, called us after he bonded out of jail.

Logan, a former civilian employee with the Charleston Police Department and his wife appeared before a judge in a bond hearing Friday morning in connection with a traffic stop involving his wife.

He faces charges of interfering with police and impersonating a police officer, according to Charleston Police spokesman Charles Francis. Logan told the judge he was an investigative assistant with the police department, and that he did not complete the police academy and had to go back. The judge set Logan free on a personal recognizance bond, which means he was released from jail without having to pay any money.

The charges against him were filed after police said he attempted to interfere with a traffic stop involving his wife, 31-year-old Jamelia Logan, and claimed to be an Charleston police officer, according to a North Charleston incident report.

In a telephone interview, Logan said he did not interfere with police and that he told officers he was with the Charleston Police Department.

Logan says he never said he was a police officer.

The judge set bond at $15,000 for Logan's wife Jamelia, who faces charges of speeding, failure to stop for blue lights and siren and resisting arrest while armed with a deadly weapon, which relates to police claims she tried to take off during the traffic stop with the officer standing in the open doorway of her vehicle.

The incident began when a North Charleston officer attempted to pull over Jamelia Logan, who was allegedly speeding on Deerwood Drive on Thursday, police say. The officer activated blue lights and initiated a traffic stop, but Logan refused to provide the officer with her driver's license, registration and proof of insurance, the report states.

Police say Logan denied she was speeding, continued to refuse to provide the documents, and told the officer he had "nothing else to do" with his time "than stop black people." The officer threatened her with arrest if she did not produce the documents, but she continued to refuse, so the officer moved to the driver's side of the vehicle to place her under arrest, the report states.

The officer was initially unable to open the driver's side door because it was locked, and Logan swatted at his hands as he attempted to reach in and unlock the door, the officer reported. The woman was observed to be talking on a cell phone with an unknown person, the report states.

When the officer told her she was under arrest, he yelled back that she was not under arrest, the report states.

The officer reported he was able to get the driver's door unlocked and open, took Logan by the arm in an attempt to restrain her from assaulting him, and reached across her to unbuckle her seat belt as she narrated to the person on the phone what was happening. When the officer was unable to pull her from the car because she resisted his efforts, he called for backup, and Logan suddenly put her vehicle in drive and sped away with the officer still in the open doorway, the report states. The officer was able to free himself and avoid being dragged down the roadway, and initiated a brief pursuit, the report states.

Police say Logan eventually pulled into a parking space after nearly hitting another vehicle. With other officers now on the scene, the officer drew his weapon and heard a man behind him say, "Excuse me, officer," the report states.

Police say that man identified himself as "Officer Logan" with the Charleston Police Department, and that the woman in the car was his wife. Police detained him until they could get his wife to comply with police commands, and were not able to do so until they threatened her with a Taser device, the report states.

Police say they had to use force to get her into the police car, and that one of the officers suffered an injury to his elbow in doing so.

Officers then turned their attention to the man, who told them his wife was "scaring him" by what she was saying and that he had come to assist, the report states. The man told police he was in the military and "was almost done with being a police officer," the report states.

North Charleston Police contacted the Charleston Police Department and verified that Logan was not a certified officer and was a civilian employee of the department.

It appeared the two were coordinating their locations in an attempt for her to stop in proximity of his location, the report states.

Calvin Logan told us his wife fled the traffic stop because an officer grabbed her and she felt threatened.

Logan, who was hired on Sept. 2, 2014, was terminated Thursday, Francis said.

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