Program provides free veterinary care to elderly and disabled

Program provides free veterinary care to elderly and disabled

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Every Tuesday, the Daniel Island Animal Hospital takes its operation on the road to provide free veterinary care to elderly and disabled people in Berkeley and Charleston counties, and it's all for free.

"Some things become harder, taking care of a dog, taking it out for a walk," Dr. Lynne Flood, the owner of the hospital and president of the DIAH on Wheels charity said. "Looking at the community around us and what needs there were, it just seemed an area where people were falling between the cracks and so we wanted to try to help."

This Tuesday, the first stop was the home of Mary Carson, an 82 year old retired school teacher living in Huger with three cats and a dog named Jackson.

"Jackson has gained so much weight that we had such a hard time getting him in and out of the vet, so my daughter and I struggle and struggle, so that itself is a lot of help."

The animal hospital on wheels started after Berkeley Seniors, Inc., which delivers meals to seniors said some of its workers were concerned the people they were giving meals to were then giving some of the meals to their pets.

"That's sad," Flood said. "That's a hard place for someone to be in if they're hungry themselves and they love their pets and want to take care of them so they're sharing these meals that are delivered."

Now the program serves 70 people and 159 pets, most of which also take part in either Berkeley Seniors or Canterbury House programs. It's free to clients and costs the hospital a little more than $70 dollars per person each year, but those taking part say the benefits are priceless.

To be part of the program or for information on how to donate, you visit the hospital's website.

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