Arctic air, record cold headed for the Lowcountry

Arctic air, record cold headed for the Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A cold spell on the way to the Lowcountry will likely break some records over parts of the Lowcountry Wednesday evening.

The colder air will began to seep into the Lowcountry Wednesday night sending temperatures into the 20s and wind chills into the teens Thursday morning.

It looked like we were expecting a brief chance of some flurries in our area later tonight, but as of Wednesday evening it doesn't look like temperatures will drop off quick enough to make that happen.

"The wind that's coming along with this cold snap will be pretty brutal," Lock says. "Wind chills by Thursday could be as low as 13 degrees in Charleston and even by Thursday afternoon, the warmest part of the day, wind chills will still be in the 20s!"

Lock also says high temperatures for Charleston on Thursday and Friday won't make it out of the 30s which would set new record low max temperatures for both days.

Friday morning looks to be the coldest with a forecast low of 17 degrees which would easily beat the current record of 22 degrees set in 1968.

The cold snap won't last through the weekend though. Temperatures could reach near 70 degrees by Sunday.

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