Walmart CEO speaks at Citadel's ethics symposium

Walmart CEO speaks at Citadel's ethics symposium

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Thursday, the CEO of one of Charleston's biggest employers and one of the biggest companies in the world stopped by The Citadel.

Doug McMillon, the head of Walmart took part of in the school's ethics symposium, which is a two-day event that continues on Friday.

Thursday's panel started featured Harvey Schiller, an alum and former CEO of Global Options Group, Dr. Richard M. Ebeling, the Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership, Clemson Turregano, an alum and director of the Center for Creative Leadership across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and Nancy Mace, an alum and commercial realtor, author, and former marketing executive.

The four talked about what role government should play when it comes to business and that in today's modern era with social media, there's so much information that if you do something wrong or unethical, someone will find out.

When McMillon joined the panel, the group focused on the controversial topic of minimum wage and what counts as a fair wage as well as what Walmart should be doing.

"We get criticized for wages," McMillon said. "I accept that criticism, but if we were to set that first rung of the ladder too high, so that that no one could reach it, you couldn't get your first job or your job didn't exist because we have fewer jobs because the wage rate was set too high."

"If you price a person through minimum wages above what an employer thinks that person's value added is, you're locking them out of that bottom rung of that ladder of success," Ebeling said.

McMillon added that of Walmart's 1.2 million associates, only 6,000 make the federal minimum wage.

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