Citadel hosts 'Beautiful Bulldog' competition

VIDEO: Citadel hosts 'Beautiful Bulldog' competition

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - On Saturday, the Citadel hosted the 5th Annual Beautiful Bulldog contest.

For the first time, puppies joined the adult dogs in their very own Puppies in Training category, ready to launch their futures into stardom.

Thirty-seven hopeful pooches, some dressed in full costume, gathered to determine "Who is the most beautiful?" Other categories included Best Smile, Best Coat/Markings, Costume, Personality/Congeniality, and Best Physique.

Their family members were eager to emphasize their own canine companion's best qualities. A sailor-suited bulldog was described as both "stubborn" and "quirky." Another wrapped in a tutu who "likes to dress up" was "loveable." A third dog in a pink and white polka-dotted dress boasted "a lot of energy."

They traveled great distances to join in the fun and make new friends, traveling from as far as Ontario, Canada.

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