CARTA sells property originally slated for transportation hub

CARTA sells property originally slated for transportation hub

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - CARTA officials announced on Wednesday that they have sold the original property where they were looking to build a major transportation hub.

CARTA sold the 36 acres on Dorchester Road for $6.5 million to Rushmark Properties, LLC.

According to CARTA, there were permitting issues with that property.

They're now looking at 8 acres on Gaynor Avenue where the Amtrack station is located.

"The intermodal facility will be a new gateway to the region," said CARTA interm director Jeff Burns. "For too long, visitors arriving by rail have been greeted with a sub-par welcome. It's sadly indicative of the attitude toward public transportation here in the past, but we feel that has begun to change."

The CARTA board also unanimously voted to ask that the City of North Charleston take a lead role in constructing and operating the intermodal facility.

"The intermodal facility began as a City of North Charleston project, and the city has the capabilities to build and run this sort of operation," said CARTA board chairman Elliott Summey. "We're hopeful of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement."

The planned intermodal center would serve as hub for CARTA and Southeastern Stages buses, Amtrak trains and taxis. Plans also call for the site to be easily and safely accessible for foot traffic from nearby neighborhoods.

"It's another way for our community to connect," Burns said. "At its heart, the intermodal facility will be about people."

Permitting studies are currently underway at the Gaynor Avenue site.

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