NAACP renews push for diversity after CCSD student posts racial slur

NAACP renews push for diversity after CCSD student posts racial slur

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - No transparency, no trust.

On Thursday, chapter president Dot Scott, of the Charleston branch of the NAACP, said those words while standing just outside the Charleston County School District office on 75 Calhoun Street.

The branch called a special press conference to address new claims of racial remarks at the Charleston County School of the Arts.

In a statement Thursday, a district spokesperson confirmed an incident at the school in which a student used social media to communicate a racial slur.

The district said federal law prevents them from discussing the incident details, but said parents of the students involved were notified, and "the appropriate steps were taken."

Scott said she learned of the incident weeks ago from a source close to the district.  She said a student posted pictures of black students on social media app, Snapchat, then captioned those photos using the N-word.

"It is too important to our children to continue to be exposed to that kind of environment," she said.  "It's enough for them to be there as one of few."

Scott was referring to what she described as a lack of diversity among schools in the Charleston County School District.

Current enrollment at the Charleston County School of the Arts is 1,108.  Of that number, there are 838 white students, and 146 black students.

There are also 49 Asian/Pacific Islanders, 36 Hispanics, and 39 students who identify as other.

Students must also apply and audition, before gaining admission into the County magnet school.

"If you are not exposed, or if you are convinced of your racial superiority, or if you have no peers to shake that, then stuff like this happens," added branch vice president, Joe Darby.

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