Greenville commuters get a surprise at the pump

VIDEO: Greenville commuters get a surprise at the pump

GREENVILLE, SC (WCSC) - More than three hundred South Carolina drivers got a relief at the pump on Wednesday.

Several hundred commuters paid $1.88 per gallon when they filled up their gas tank at a Greenville gas station. The gas station reduced its per-gallon price by 45 cents for a few hours, thanks to a group called Americans for Prosperity.

AFP is a 501c4 Non Profit that advocates for "economic freedom." The political group opposes an increase in South Carolina's state gas tax, which stands at 16 cents. When the federal gas tax is added, the tax South Carolinians pay per gallon is 35 cents.

"When people realized how much of their gas bills were going into government coffers, a lot of them were shocked," said AFP State Director Dave Schwartz. "These events really prove that when people understand what they already pay and the poor condition of some of our roads, they can't believe lawmakers are asking for more."

Schwartz said 250 commuters called their local lawmakers to express their concerns over the current gas tax.

Some South Carolina lawmakers are trying to increase the state gas tax by 10 cents per gallon to address the cost of aging roads and bridges, a move AFP opposes.

The group said the Department of Transportation needs to be reformed. An AFP spokesperson said the DOT is diverting billions of dollars to mass transit projects when the money should be prioritized to fix South Carolina's current roads and bridges.

On Thursday, AFP will travel to Summerville to give commuters the same deal at the pump.

The event will begin at 4 p.m. on Thursday at the Express Petroleum gas station.

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