Steven Colbert funds 1,000 SC teacher projects on crowdfunding site

Steven Colbert funds 1,000 SC teacher projects on crowdfunding site

NEW YORK CITY, NY (WCSC) - Television personality Stephen Colbert announced a partnership Thursday to fund almost 1,000 projects for teachers across South Carolina.

"I'm so excited to announce we are funding all 1,000 South Carolina projects on today," Colbert said in a statement. " makes it so easy to have an impact and connect directly with the teachers and students you're helping."

Colbert partnered with Share Fair Nation, the Morgridge Family Foundation and ScanSource to "flash fund" every project that was live on the crowdfunding site as of 12:30 p.m., according to Share Fair Nation spokesperson Mercedes Allen. That amounted to $800,000 in projects from approximately 800 teachers across the Palmetto State.

The two groups matched what Colbert agreed to fund as part of a celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, Allen said.

"I commend Stephen, Share Fair Nation, and Greenville's own ScanSource for the support that they have given the dedicated and hardworking teachers of South Carolina through this gracious gift," State Education Supt. Molly Spearman said in a statement. "I know these teachers will use it in a way that improves the quality of education for South Carolina's students."

Colbert, a South Carolina native and member of the Board of Directors, raised the funds for South Carolina classrooms by auctioning off his desk and set pieces after "The Colbert Report" ended in December. allows public school teachers to post classroom project requests that visitors can support with donations. On average, 70 percent of the projects posted on the site are successfully funded, its website states.

Colbert hosted "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central from 2005 until last year. On Sept. 8, he will take over hosting duties on CBS's "The Late Show," replacing David Letterman, who retires on May 20.

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