Attorneys for man shot by deputies: 'There are still a lot of questions'

VIDEO: Shooting victim's family holds press conference

HOLLYWOOD, SC (WCSC) - The attorneys of the man shot by a Charleston County Deputy spoke out for the first time Friday.

Bryant Heyward is 26 years old and recovering after being shot in the neck. Right now he's paralyzed from the neck down.

"There are still a lot of questions," Justin Bamberg, one of the family attorneys said.

Heyward was shot Thursday after investigators say two men tried to break into his home and fired shots at him.

"This is a tragedy and it's unfortunate," Chris Stewart, another family attorney said. "An individual who called the police for help being shot by the people he called for help."

The attorneys don't believe race was a factor in this shooting.

"People almost want us to call somebody racist that we don't even know and take it to a whole different area where it's really about a man was shot for absolutely no reason bearing arms in his own home," Stewart said. "That right there is a serious issue."

In an audio recording released by the sheriff's office Thursday, Heyward is heard saying he's at fault for not putting down his gun when deputies arrived.

"That shows what kind of person he is," Stewart said. "As you can he just got shot by the officers and he says, it wasn't your fault."

"What would you do," Bamberg asked. "Can you say definitively at the moment you opened the door after people fired shots at you that your first thought would be to drop the fire arm that could be the only thing that could potentially save your life if someone is outside your house?"

The attorneys now want the audio from the deputy's body mic to see how many times he asked Heyward to drop his gun.

"It'll show, was it a justified shooting. That's the most important thing because if it's a justified shooting, officers shouldn't be in trouble but if it's not a justified shooting, then we have to find out what the repercussions are."

The attorneys representing the family are also representing Walter Scott's family.

He was shot and killed by former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager last month.

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