Clemson announces degree programs for Zucker Family Graduate Center

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Clemson University leaders announced Tuesday the first graduate degrees it will offer at the new Zucker Family Graduate Center in North Charleston.

Soon students will be able to work toward a PHD in Computer Science, get a Master of Fine Arts in Digital production Arts, get a Master or PHD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Material Science Engineering.

Executive Director of Clemson University Restoration Institute Nikolaos Rigas said this campus, with courses set to begin in Fall of 2016, will be a game changer for the Lowcountry.

"There's a growing technical community obviously with Boeing coming in," said Nikolaos Rigas. "Volvo made their announcement. So, you have a lot of young engineers and professionals coming into Charleston and they needed an opportunity to further their education in the core engineering."

Among University leaders in attendance was Robert Geist, a man who did the visual effects in the first of "The Hobbit" movies. Geist will be one of the first Clemson professors at the North Charleston Campus. Geist said this center is a perfect fit for Charleston.

"It's the confluence of art and computer science that's happening here today," said Geist. "So, you just don't find that many places where both are going on."

The $21.5 million facility broke ground in January.

The Zucker Family Graduate Center is located at the Clemson University Restoration Institute at the Old Navy Shipyard in North Charleston.

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