Report: Woman wields sword during argument with boyfriend

Report: Woman wields sword during argument with boyfriend

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A 30-year-old woman is behind bars after police say she armed herself with a sword and thrust it into a bed during an argument with her boyfriend.

The North Charleston Police Department charged 30-year-old Natae Diane Thomas with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

On Saturday, a police officer responded to a home on Fassitt Road for a woman having a sword threatening to use it on a man.

When investigators went to the home they spoke to the victim who said it all started with an argument in which Thomas called him a liar and a cheater. The victim said Thomas then grabbed a sword and stabbed it through the bed, and thought he was next. The victim told officers he then began to wrestle the sword away and went outside to call police.

According to the victim, Thomas followed him outside trying to take the phone away, and cracked the screen to his phone once she realized he was calling police.

The victim said he placed the weapon under the trailer until police arrived. The victim led investigators to his trailer and pulled out a long silver sword with a black handle. Police say the victim then showed the mattress which had a cut that went through the box spring.

When investigators spoke to Thomas, she gave a different account of the incident. She said she and the victim have lived together since last year, and started an argument the day before which continued to the incident date. Thomas said the victim admitted to cheating on her, so she began to pack her things and grabbed a sword that belonged to her.

According to Thomas, the victim then rushed her and said she was not going to allow her to cut him. Thomas said the two began to "tussle" over the sword.

Thomas told police that at some point, she stabbed the sword through a bed to keep the weapon away from the victim. Thomas said the fight ended up outside where the victim had the sword and swung it at her while he was on the phone with 911.

Police say as officers were talking to Thomas she said that if he cheated on her, she would have to go because "it would be either she kills him or he will kill her."

According to police, when officers asked Thomas if she hit the victim today, she replied,"Not today." Additionally, the victim reported that while the sword was in the mattress, Thomas told him,"I told you I would kill you if you ever cheated on me."

The victim said he was in fear for his life.

An NCPD report states that while Thomas was in the booking room she said she would feel much better being here if she would have cut him.

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