New schools in Charleston expected to open this fall

New schools in Charleston expected to open this fall

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC - Dale Collier is walked the hallways of what will be the new North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary School on Tuesday.

"One of the things that the architect has done - has done a good job on - is incorporating natural light. You'll see a lot of doors and windows in the classroom area," he said.

The construction began one year ago.

The brand new school is expected to be done this November.

It is one of nine schools under construction in the Charleston County School District, which cost taxpayers $230 million.

The money came from a penny sales tax, which voters passed in 2010.

Right now, construction crews are finishing work on three other new schools including Jennie Moore Elementary, Laing Middle, and St. Andrews Middle.

Laing also has a new address next to Jennie Moore.

Dallas Gailey is overseeing construction at St. Andrews.

"The weather was the biggest challenge," he said. "Another big challenge that we have is construction is booming in Charleston as everyone knows. And it's hard to get contractors."

That is why the school district had to bring in outside contractors to help finish the construction. But despite the setbacks, Gailey can't wait until school starts.

"My biggest thing is I like to see the kids move in," he said.

Construction crews are also working on renovating and expanding James Island Charter High School.

The construction is expected to be done on that school by this fall.