Emotions run high during Confederate Flag rally at State House

VIDEO: Emotions run high during Confederate Flag rally at State House

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC/WIS) - Emotions ran high during a Confederate Flag rally at the state house Monday afternoon.

In comparison to a similar rally last week, this time more folks turned out who support the flag staying on the State House grounds. There were words exchanged between both sides.

"We won't let you repeat the history of that flag, that hateful flag that lynched people," state National Action Network president Elder James Johnson yelled to a flag supporter.

Between verbal jousting, flag opponents made repeated calls for the flag to come down.

One of those calling for it to be moved was the granddaughter of late US Senator Strom Thurmond.

In the early part of his political career, Thurmond was an avowed segregationist.

"It promotes all negative things, hatred and all the things that have happened that kept our ancestors in bondage," Wanda Bailey said.

A woman from Charleston who rallied to get the flag removed from the state house dome 15 years ago returned Monday.

"I prayed to God Almighty for two things, to live longevity, let me see an African-American elected President. Let me live to see this deplorable flag come down in the state of South Carolina," Dr. Katy Catalon said.

South Carolina native and Rainbow Coalition Founder the Reverend Jesse Jackson came to Columbia to watch the Senate vote.

"Not only must the flag come down as a symbol of segregationist principles of the flag. In South Carolina, the war began here at Fort Sumter. It should end here in Columbia," Jackson said.

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