Charleston Animal Society calling for independent review of horse accident

Charleston Animal Society calling for independent review of horse accident

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the Charleston Animal Society are calling for an independent review of an incident in downtown Charleston where a horse fell after police say it was spooked by a cement mixer truck.

"Citizens began contacting Charleston Animal Society this morning after the incident occurred and we immediately contacted City of Charleston Police Dept. Animal Control to ensure there was an expedient response," stated Joe Elmore, Charleston Animal Society's Chief Executive Officer.

"We are calling for an independent review of today's accident. We have an ongoing concern for the health and welfare of, not only this horse, but all of the horses that are pulling wagons downtown. We are equally concerned about the safety of both residents and visitors in our city when they are walking the streets and riding in the wagons. We hope that the horse recovers, but the horse nor the citizens and tourists, should have been placed in harm's way in the first place."

Officials at Old South Carriage Company say the horse, named Blondie, was spooked from a cement truck on East Bay and fell down due to being frightened. Charleston police say the horse went in one direction, while the carriage with 11 passengers went the other way.  

According to a statement by the company, a veterinarian came on scene shortly after the incident.

"After resting for a little while, he was able to walk onto the trailer by himself and is spending the night at the veterinary clinic," read a statement by the company on Facebook.

CAS officials said in a statement released Friday afternoon that the organization "is calling for a complete and transparent review of the accident and the horse's medical condition leading up to and following the incident."

"As South Carolina's first and oldest animal organization, along with being accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the Animal Society is qualified and requests to participate in an independent review of the accident due to the City of Charleston's financial relationship with the horse-drawn wagon vendors," stated Elmore.

"We are saddened to see another accident involving horse-drawn wagons in downtown Charleston and remain committed to ensuring that horses and all animals in our community are treated humanely and that situations such as this are prevented in the future," stated Elmore.

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