Berkeley High School classes of '03 & '04 mourn nearly 10 classmate deaths since graduation

Berkeley High School classes of '03 & '04 mourn nearly 10 classmate deaths since graduation

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - It's been almost three weeks since the tragic plane crash in Berkeley County that took the lives of two men. Both Joseph and Mike Johnson died in the collision.
Joseph Johnson's death marks the eighth death of Berkeley High School grads in the 2003 and 2004 graduating classes.

"You get a phone call or a text that we just lost one of our own," said Berkeley High School '04 Vice President Trivia Milford.

The news of the plane crash sent shock waves through Milford and her former classmate Lynn Legare Adams.

"Basically, a sudden death," said Adams. "No preparation."

Milford said although Joe Johnson was year above them, it's the most recent tragedy and highlights the devastation.

"To me, I look at the class as being a big puzzle," said Milford. "Everyone is a piece of that puzzle and right now we're losing pieces of our puzzle."

As the ladies looked at the high school yearbooks, they recalled the smiles and the heartache that ended lives too soon.

Just two months ago, Barry Bass died in a car accident on Old Highway 52.

"Fun, just fun to be around," said Milford. "He had a twin, also. They were known as the handsome twins."

Robert Mullinax died in a boating accident two years ago.

"Robbie was a sweet guy, very laid back," said Adams. "I understand he was a newly wed so that was also very devastating."

Justin Way died in a shooting in Florida two months ago.

"Justin had a big smile," said Adams. "I don't think I'd ever seen Justin not smiling. If he wasn't smiling, he was laughing."

Andrew Winslow died of health issues in September 2014.

"Andrew Winslow, we'll always remember him for being the musician of our class," said Adams.

Antoine Lloyd's death was shortly after graduation, due to health issues.

"We affectionately called him Herbie," said Adams. "We had a nickname for him."

Aicia Johnson also died also from health issues.

"An inspiration to all of us," said Adams. "Not only was she ill but she was able to graduate salutatorian of our class."

Finally, Rally Hyrne died from an accident with a gun.

"Just remember us as a class that unfortunately we did lose a lot of our classmates but in the end we still try to stick together," said Adams.

For now, they'll have the memories and the legacies each one left behind.

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