Nexton Elementary to regularly use technology in classroom

Nexton Elementary to regularly use technology in classroom
Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC
Source: WCSC

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - At the start of school, every student at the new Nexton Elementary School in Berkeley County will be using either an iPad or Chromebook.

The area around the school in Summerville is still under construction, but is complete at Nexton itself.

It's the first school in the Berkeley County School District to take the use of technology to the next level.

This is being done through a 1 to 1 program, where teachers are teaching and communicating with students through technology.

"All students do not learn the same way," Nancy Leigh, Principal at Nexton Elementary School, said. "We feel this will enhance the teacher's opportunity to introduce topics and expose them to things that will help them succeed in every content area."

The use of tablets, laptops, and iPads have increased across the nation, especially in Berkeley County.

Recently the school board approved a Bring Your Own Device Policy for the district so students can use devices to help their learning experience.

At Nexton all of that is available right there for each student.

"I really feel like we're preparing these kids," Leslie Morris, the Instructional Technology Coach at Nexton Elementary School, said. "It's definitely my passion, to prepare these kids for 21st century learning skills, as well as jobs that are going to be out there when they enter world and the job market."

It's not going to erase the traditional teaching methods though.

"It will not replace paper and pencil," Principal Leigh said. "We still love our students to read books in print, text in print."

This technology, will also give those quiet students, and even those with disabilities a voice they may have never had before.

"It truly is wonderful for kids that are a little bit... struggle in the classroom," Morris said. "Also for kids who have a physical disability, it's amazing. Teachers are able to level more so than ever before through the use of technology."

Kindergarten through first graders will use iPads in the classroom, while second through fifth graders will use Chromebooks.

The schools across the district are technology aware and are looking for new ways to incorporate them into the classroom.

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