In the wake of Ohio shooting. many Tri-County agencies still shopping body cameras

Published: Jul. 30, 2015 at 10:56 PM EDT
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(WCSC) - In the days and weeks after a body worn camera captured the shooting death of an Ohio man, several law enforcement agencies in the Tri-County area are still shopping for right one.

Prosecutors charged Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing with the murder of Samuel Dubose during a traffic stop July 19.

Police said Dubose was shot once in the head.

Just three months before, all eyes were on North Charleston, after former police officer Michael Slager, was charged with the murder of Walter Scott, also during a traffic stop.

In June, Governor Nikki Haley signed the Walter Scott bill into law, requiring every state law enforcement agency to purchase body worn cameras.

To date, the North Charleston Police Department has 86 cameras being tested street-level and expect an additional ten to be issued next week.

A spokesman for the department said an order of 150 more are slated for September.

Last month, Charleston police rolled out 140 body worn cameras and applied for a grant to buy 150 more, while deputies in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties are still testing the market.

For some, one source of delay has been the creation of new policy specific to body worn cameras.

SLED chief Mark Keel also serves as chair of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Council.  The group is working to create standards and guidelines outlining proper use of body worn cameras, with deputies in Charleston County among those expected to attend workshops with the group in the coming weeks.

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