Study suggests new rules for development in Mt. Pleasant

Published: Aug. 7, 2015 at 3:21 AM EDT
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A new study is recommending changes to handling growth in Mt. Pleasant.
The Charleston Chamber asked the South Carolina Urban Land Institute to do a two-day study in the town and Thursday it revealed its results.
The study said both developers and residents have problems with the way growth is being handled.

They recommended creating certain areas where high density is promoted but making other areas difficult to develop, by adjusting impact fees.

Their main point was creating a central vision for the town.

"The town doesn't have a vision like they said,” Bill Macsems, who’s lived in the town for eight years said. “They need a vision. I they want to build something they build it. They don't think about it. There's no common sense of how they'll build it."

Mayor Linda Page she and council plan to discuss these recommendations as they move forward with their growth management plan.

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