Boone Hall reenactment cancellation creates social media backlash

VIDEO: Boone Hall reenactment cancellation creates social media backlash
Published: Aug. 21, 2015 at 3:16 AM EDT
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Boone Hall Plantations decision to cancel an annual Civil War reenactment is causing backlash on social media.

"It's about history, Randy Burbage, the Chairman of the Battle of Secessionville reenactment said. “It's about education."

Burbage has taken part in the event for its entire 25-year history.

This year, the plantation canceled it following the Emanuel AME shooting saying, "We decided to show honor and respect to the victims of the recent tragedy and give the community time to heal."

"I was devastated,” Burbage said. “I couldn't believe it. I was depressed all day. It felt as if my best dog had died."

On the Live 5 Facebook page, our story generated almost 700 Facebook comments, most disagreeing with the decision.
Burbage says he's disappointed because the event is about teaching, not praising a cause.

"It's something that shouldn't have happened but it did and it's something that we as Americans don't need to have happen again and we need to remember it,"
Burbage said.

A representative for Boone Hall Plantation said while the event is canceled this year, there have not been any decisions made yet about the reenactment in the future.

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