Protesters call for diverse school board in Dorchester District 2

Protesters call for diverse school board in Dorchester District 2

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Some community members are not satisfied with Dorchester District Two (DD2), and today they made some noise about it.

A group came together for a protest against the district because they don't believe there are equal opportunities for minority students.

There were people on both sides of the issue at the DD2 office, some who want to see those changes and others who want things to remain the same.

A group led by community activist, Louis Smith, is calling for diversity on the DD2 school board, after about five years of no minorities. Smith would like to see a change from at-large elections to single-member districts. This would make it so that board members would represent and be appointed by different sections of the district, rather than majority rules all.

The coalition that came out today included the South Carolina Progressive Network, Lowcountry Peace, the NAACP, the Community Resource center along with other groups. Smith says he would like to see a new chairperson for the board while a few others where there to support the current leadership.

"We've seen chairman Hughes and the board for a long time now, for probably for or 5 years, and I think they do a great job, I think they represent all the children," says a board supporter, Linda Ensor.

Smith and his supporters say they want to see a change.

"You have 7 members on the school board that live within one mile of each other, as a result, the Dorchester road corridor, the Ashley Ridge Corridor and of course the minorities are not represented on that board," says Smith.

The spokesperson for the district say there have been talks about a community forum regarding single-member districts, but it has not been scheduled at this time. The board does not make decisions on the way elections are held for the district, it would be up to the legislative delegation to consider any changes.