Labor Day at Folly Beach marks unofficial end to summer

VIDEO: Labor Day at Folly Beach marks unofficial end to summer

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Some people enjoyed their Labor Day at Folly Beach, but park officials say there wasn't nearly as many people at the beach as past years.

"We're from Knoxville Tennessee and we just had an end of summer dad and kid get away, just the three of us out enjoying the beach," says Travis Young.

Many visitors at Folly Beach are making the most of the last days of summer.

"My friends are visiting from Atlanta and we always love to bring everybody down to the beach," says a local, Diane Wiggins.

Folly Beach Pier manager, Mark Patrick says there's about a few thousand less people on the beach this Labor Day, something the locals didn't expect.

"The weather yesterday and this morning we had a good bit of rain, but it's still pretty cloudy out here right now, so I think it's scaring a good amount of people off," says Patrick.

For the people who made it to the beach they're appreciating the cooler weather.

"It's perfect, absolutely, beautiful, not too hot, it's great I'm loving it," says Young.

A local, Lee Holl says driving to the beach was different this holiday.

"Everybody went away for the weekend and I'm enjoying it because it didn't take me so long to get here."

Although it might be the unofficial end to summer, that doesn't mean trips to the beach have to end too. The pier is open 362 days a year.

Joshua McDowell says he likes to visit from Columbia, South Carolina year-round.

"It doesn't matter what season if I come in the fall nobody is here so I kinda have more to myself."

Despite the lower turnout this weekend...there were more overnight visitors near local beaches this year than last year, according to the College of Charleston School of Business.