Marco Rubio campaigns in Lowcountry, visits Emanuel AME Church

Marco Rubio campaigns in Lowcountry, visits Emanuel AME Church

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Monday, one Republican presidential hopeful spent his Labor Day on the campaign trail. Senator Marco Rubio, of Florida, spoke to a large crowd in North Charleston.

The town hall event was hosted by U.S. Senator Tim Scott, with help moderating from his friend, U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy.

Scott said his town hall series, open to all GOP presidential candidates, gives voters the opportunity to get their questions answered directly from the candidate.

With a crowd of people young and old, one theme that seemed to be the foundation of Senator Marco Rubio's answers was his belief in protecting the American Dream.

"I'm running because I want America to continue to be the kind of country where people can do for their children, what my parents could do for me," said Rubio.

Rubio, of Florida, said his parents achieved the American Dream after immigrating from Cuba, with little education.

Rubio said in order to protect the American Dream, he wants to strengthen our education system, which will help in making our nation more competitive on a global scale.

"We can't continue to graduate people with thousands of dollars in loans to a degree that doesn't lead to a job," said Rubio.

Rubio also says higher education is currently too expensive and not flexible, or affordable.

"If you already have a student loan, you should be able to pay it back on the basis of how much you make," said Rubio. "The more you make, the faster you pay back your loan."

Rubio also touched on several foreign affair issues, including how he would combat terrorism in the Middle East.

"ISIS is growing daily because they've convinced young people around the world that they're invincible and we're going to have to prove that they're not," said Rubio. "We need high profile, special operation attacks on them that capture their leaders, video the whole thing and post it on Facebook and Twitter."

Scott also shared with the crowd how he was moved by Senator Rubio, who asked to visit Mother Emanuel AME, privately.

Rubio says he, like many others across the nation, has been deeply inspired by how Charleston banded together following tragedy.