Many Weatherstone residents oppose Bear Island Road Project in Summerville

Many Weatherstone residents oppose Bear Island Road Project in Summerville
Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The Town of Summerville's plan for a new road to cut down on traffic is upsetting some residents in the Weatherstone neighborhood. It's located near Azalea Shopping center. In the plan, Bear Island Road would extend through the community and many residents are against it.

"What I'm concerned about is we're going to have a major highway coming through here and children are going to be in danger and we're concerned about the wetlands," says Weatherstone resident, Homer Gonzalez.

Gonzalez is opposed to the Bear Island Road Project, he's fighting along with Thaddeus Kciuk to end it now.

"The road that's planned is to start at the corner of Berlin G. Myers and North Main Street," says Kciuk.

It will go up Sheep Island Road and from there the road will intersect with Bear Island Road and branch off in their community. That's where they have the problem.

"The space that the road is going to go through, you can see their playing ball. They're parents are sitting their watching them and people are having a good time," says Kciuk as he references a photo.

"We have kids here that actually play on road just like we used to do in the old days right, they play on the road the kids are riding their bicycles...have no fear," says Gonzalez.

The new road would come next to the neighborhood's Amenity Center, making it a concern because many children and families will have to cross it.

The town engineer says the new road will provide an alternative route from Sheep Island to Highway 17A. But for Gonzalez and Kciuk it's not worth the risks.

"It's causing homeowners right now to see their property at below market value," says Kciuk.  "They're getting this, let's get out now before the highway comes attitude."

Noise, crime, and flooding are other concerns and so far they have 830 signatures from people who oppose the road too.

"We're going to keep on pushing we're going to drive it has hard as we can to go ahead and stop it," says Gonzalez.

Town Engineer, Russ Cornette, says the city is now looking into creating an alternate route around the neighborhood instead of through it. The mayor and town council are planning to discuss it this week, no date has been set.