Report: Thomas Ravenel head-butted at Charleston bar, threatens to sue city

Report: Thomas Ravenel head-butted at Charleston bar, threatens to sue city
Charleston Police say they are investigating rape allegations against reality TV star and former state treasurer Thomas Ravenel.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say Thomas Ravenel was head-butted at a Charleston bar, then threatened to sue the city after police told him officers could not re-arrest the offender after Ravenel had originally decided not to press charges.

The whole thing started at the Republic Garden and Lounge on 462 King St. on Sept. 7 when an officer was flagged down by a man who said his friend, Ravenel, had been assaulted.

Ravenel said a man named "Mike" head butted him in the face.

According to Ravenel, he and the assailant had exchanged words because the "offender was making inappropriate comments" to a woman. Ravenel told officers that the assailant then approached him and head-butted him in the face under his left eye.

Police say they searched the area and found an individual with the description of the suspect coming out of an alley across the street from the bar. The person said his name was Michael and said he was in the bar earlier in the night, but was not involved in any type of altercation.

A woman said she had been with him and told officers that he was not involved in any altercation as well. The officer said based on the description of the individual and his name, he requested the man to return to the bar to be identified by the victim.

A report states when the officer and the individual got to the bar, Ravenel pointed at the man and said,"That's the guy who hit me!"

A witness in the bar also identified the man as the assailant. Police then arrested the man for simple assault.

A police report states after the assailant was removed from the scene, Ravenel said he did not wish to press charges for the assault.

The suspected assailant was then released.

Ravenel declined medical treatment even though police say he had a visible abrasion under his left eye.

Authorities say two hours later, Ravenel called police and said he did in fact wish to press charges, and wanted police to go to the suspect's home and re-arrest him for the assault.

Police told Ravenel that too much time had passed since the incident and officers could not re-arrest the offender. A CPD report states that authorities advised Ravenel of warrant procedures and the incident would be followed up by an investigator.

According to police, Ravenel said it was unacceptable and stated,"I want him to sit in jail all night so he can think about what he's done."

Police then again informed Ravenel of the warrant procedures and CPD procedures.

The incident report states Ravenel then became upset and said,"Just forget about the whole thing, I'm going to bring a 10 million dollar lawsuit against the city."

Police officials say authorities then told Ravenel once more about their procedures, after which Ravenel said,"Just forget it!" and hung up.

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