Dog bites two children at Charleston Farmer's Market

Dog bites two children at Charleston Farmer's Market
Published: Sep. 21, 2015 at 8:48 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Animal Society is responding after one of their rescue dogs bites two children at the Farmer's Market over the weekend.

According to the Charleston Police report, on Saturday, around Noon, officers were alerted that a child was bitten by a dog at the crowded event at Marion Square in Downtown Charleston.

According to the police report, a boxer/rottweiler mixed dog was sitting next to it's foster owner, on a leash, when it suddenly lunged at a 3-year-old walking by.

The dog bit the child in the left thigh.

Police and animal service officers on scene approached the dog and foster owner.

According to the report, as the officers spoke to the foster owner, witnesses watched as the dog suddenly lunged again. This time, it bit a second 3-year-old, on the left shoulder.

Both children were treated by EMS on scene and then taken to MUSC. The police report states that MUSC's Children's Trauma Surgery Team was called to the emergency room for the second child bitten.

The current condition of the children is unknown.

CEO of the Charleston Animal Society, Joe Elmore, says the dog is presumed to be a around one years old. The dog was at the Farmer's Market with it's foster owner, also called foster ambassadors.

Elmore says the community foster ambassadors take dogs in temporarily, while they look to find a permanent home for the animal. During their stay with the foster families, Elmore says the dogs are taken to community events and exposed to other dogs and people. This is a program that's considered successful, with little incidents, at the Charleston Animal Society. Elmore says it's helped placed over 400 dogs with families.

Elmore says this rescue dog had no history of aggression and has been to other recent community events, with no problem. Elmore also says the dog had passed all of it's temperament assessments, a step they require before the rescue dogs are allowed to interact with other in public.
The dog has been taken back to the Charleston Animal Society, where it's currently being held in a ten day quarantine.

Elmore say these incidents are rare, however in most cases when a dog bites someone unprovoked, the animal will have to be put down.

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