Neighborhood program helps N. Charleston officers bond with kids

VIDEO: Neighborhood program helps N. Charleston officers bond with kids

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston Police officers went into a neighborhood with a history of crime Wednesday night, not to make any arrests, but to bond with the kids who live there.

The program called 'Community Roll Call' was brought to the Chicora neighborhood.

Cops cooked the food and mingled with children and adults.

The police department says the interaction is vital because some have the perception that officers just want to put people in jail and not help them.

"They can see us in a positive light and see us out here interacting and getting to know them as people versus just officers," North Charleston Police Capt. Joyce Smith said.

The kids were glad to see the officers.

"They are always protecting us. They always keep us safe in school and outside," Antazia Fyall said.

People who live in the neighborhood approved of the police mingling with the youngsters.

"I think it's important to get them back in touch, so that they don't see the officers are scary. They can see them as somebody who can help them," resident Jesse Cheshire said.

Police say they hold a similar event in the Charleston Farms neighborhood.

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